A twenty-something living with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease. Coming to terms with this has not been easy. I was diagnosed a year ago and I still find myself struggling with avoiding certain foods. I am hoping this blog will be a journal of some sorts where I keep my favorite recipes and store resources that will hopefully not only help me stay on track but provide others suffering from Hashimoto’s or another autoimmune disease useful resources.

Make sure to always check with your doctor about foods you need to stay away from so you can have a proper plan to account for any missing nutrients.

Thank you for visiting. Stay healthy!

The Hungry Pea

DISCLAIMER: I blog about recipes I have tried, I will always give credit to the original creator or to the place where I got the recipe. IF at any time you feel I have given credit to the wrong person or you would like me to not share your recipe, please contact me and I will make the required changes. I modify most of the recipes I try due to dietary restrictions or personal preference, I will always make note of this.