Dealing with an Autoimmune Disease is a struggle.

You can be following the strictest diets, taking all your supplements, keeping as active as possible (when you have the energy to move) and you just when you think you’re almost out of the woods, you start feeling sick again! Whatever you do, remember that giving up is not an option.

Stay Strong

It will take time for your body to heal itself. I know I get frustrated when I start feeling sick, I feel discouraged and I want to throw in the towel. But then I remember that starting from scratch is hard (trust me I have done this several times and it’s not easy).

If you are dealing with an Autoimmune Disease just know that you are not alone. Look for support groups, find people who are dealing with the same thing. I cannot stress enough how important it is to have a strong support system, be it family and friends or total strangers who are part of a support group.

Here is a small list of some Facebook support groups.

Feel free to do a search for the specific disease you’re dealing with, trust me there’s a group for it out there. Also, most Facebook groups are closed but don’t let that stop you from joining.

If you are someone that prefers getting together with people in the real world (yes, we still exist), is a great place to find groups near you.

Stay Strong!

The Hungry Pea


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