Foodie Confessions

In hopes of keeping myself accountable I am going to start a series called Foodie Confessions where I will write about my struggles to sometimes stay on the narrow path that is the Paleo/Autoimmune Protocol (AIP). These might not be regular posts but any time I either give in to temptation (because it happens, I’m human) or think about giving in I will write a post.

The roll on the right is one fire 😀
  1. Saturday was my birthday and I usually throw caution to the wind and indulge in my favorite things or whatever it is I am craving. Well, I am ALWAYS craving sushi and pizza but I was specially craving sushi so I had sushi with all the fixings. I didn’t ask to substitute anything, I had it just as they prepare it, which is quite risky. Those delicious rolls had everything I am not supposed to have and guess what? I didn’t die. I don’t eat like that every day and I have been extremely good about making sure everything I eat or cook is Paleo or AIP but you only have a birthday once a year so once a year I allow myself to indulge 🙂
  2. ICE CREAM! What is a birthday without sweets? I have never been huge on cake, growing up my parents would get me an Oreo ice cream cake 😀 So yesterday I also had ice cream. There’s this place that makes really delicious ice cream and so I had two scoops on a waffle cone. Go hard or go home, amiright?

Though I loved the sushi and the ice cream I am glad that it’s not an every day indulgence. I woke up not feeling entirely sick, which is good but I also didn’t wake up feeling 100%. But I’m back to eating Paleo/AIP.

Stay human 🙂

The Hungry Pea


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