Give me the good stuff 🙂

There are some nightshades because my husband doesn’t have any dietary restrictions

I wish we lived in a place where the weather was nice enough to have a garden. It’s my dream to have a garden with fruits, veggies, and herbs just waiting for me outside my door. Until then, I am thankful I live in an area that has farmer’s market from June – October.

We like to buy groceries for 3 days, 4 max. We usually go shopping Sunday, we buy the things we will need for Sunday dinner and the next few days (Monday – Wednesday) then we go back on Wednesday for things we will need for Thursday – Saturday. Sometimes the days we go shopping changes but we always only buy what we will consume for the next 3 days.

We started doing this over a year ago because we don’t like to freeze our meats. Meat just taste better when its fresh and not frozen. It prevents us from wasting food, that’s just something I have never liked to do.

Eat your greens!

The Hungry Pea


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