Food is supposed to be your friend. You are supposed to have a healthy relationship with it.  This is what I thought I had. I don’t know where I went wrong, perhaps I loved it too much or not enough? I don’t know but somewhere along the way, it became the enemy. My body began rejecting everything. I am talking salads, veggies, fruits, EVERYTHING!

That’s when I knew something was terribly wrong. I had zero energy not only because I was not eating but I was also not sleeping.

Though I am happy to be following an Paleo/Autoimmune Protocol diet, let me assure you it’s not by choice. I mean I probably would have eventually ended up here but not this early in life. The pictures in this post are just an example of the stuff I was eating (not every day, I like veggies). Does it look good and taste even better? Absolutely, but I know that it’s not what I should be putting in my system.FullSizeRenderListen, I LOVE food, all kinds of food. I am Latin which means I’ve had my fair share of deep fried foods (oh delicious and slow cardiac arrest waiting to happen). But I was not eating this all the time, matter of fact, when my symptoms worsen was when I was eating the healthiest

FullSizeRender_3I love food but I also love being alive more. So I knew something had to change and according to my doctor and every other autoimmune disease resource I have read, the first thing that needed to change was my eating habits. I took a sensitivity test which provided a good list of things I need to stay away from and to this day I review it every time I go grocery shopping.

Has it been easy? No. Would I rather have cheese, bread, sugar, and all the other things that make food addicting and delicious? Yes. But I love being alive and feeling healthy a whole lot more!

If you are beginning you journey now, all I can say is that it gets easier. I promise.

Stay Healthy,

The Hungry Pea


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