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Not that the internet needed another blog but I just couldn’t help it. I decided to create The Hungry Pea because I am living with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, an autoimmune disease where the immune system attacks the thyroid (for more information refer to the Mayo Clinic page).

Here’s the thing about autoimmune diseases, they are extremely difficult to diagnose, specially for typical doctors.It took me almost 10 years to be properly diagnosed. I went to every doctor imaginable and they all told me the same thing, there was nothing wrong. But I knew something was off, I felt it, I was not myself. It was not until August of 2015 that all of my questions where answered after visiting a functional medicine doctor. I finally had a name for the thing that had been plaguing me for the last 10 years. 

Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. 

Obviously this was the first time hearing about Hashimoto’s. I didn’t know what it was and how it would change my life forever. The only thing I knew at that moment was that I was beyond excited to finally know what was wrong with me. I wasn’t crazy! 🙂

From August of 2015 to now, it has been a daily struggle. Eating the right things, finding energy to exercise, learning how to listen to my body, teaching my mind to slow down, it all has been difficult. Just so that you have an idea here are some symptoms produced by Hashimoto’s (from the Mayo Clinic- symptoms).

  • Fatigue and sluggishness
  • Increased sensitivity to cold
  • Constipation
  • Pale, dry skin
  • A puffy face
  • Hoarse voice
  • Unexplained weight gain — occurring infrequently and rarely exceeding 10 to 20 pounds, most of which is fluid
  • Muscle aches, tenderness and stiffness, especially in your shoulders and hips
  • Pain and stiffness in your joints and swelling in your knees or the small joints in your hands and feet
  • Muscle weakness, especially in your lower extremities
  • Excessive or prolonged menstrual bleeding (menorrhagia)
  • Depression

These are just some of the many symptoms and not everyone who has Hashimoto’s experiences the same thing.

If you are feeling a little off and you have gone to your regular doctor and have left their office frustrated and without any answers, I suggest visiting a functional medicine doctor. Most health insurance cover these types of doctor visits. But when in doubt call your insurance provider and have them give a list of approved doctors.

Life is too short to live it in pain.

In my next post I will talk about the supplements I am taking and the foods I avoid.

Thanks for reading!

The Hungry Pea


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